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Friday, November 2, 2012

Coming Home

I have just spent the last three weeks on my Honeymoon in southern Italy enjoying the fabulous food, wine, shopping, swimming, scenery, etc.  We started off in Sicily where one of the places we stayed was an organic fig & olive farm called La Rosa dei Vendi Villa d'Arte.  It was such a cool experience to be apart of a typical Sicilian family and the Olive Oil that they produce is phenomenal!  We also spent some time in Tropea; known as Italy's 'hidden gem'.  If ever in that area, you must check out In Italy Tours.  We did a cooking class with them that was one of the top highlights of the trip! 

We had a phenomenal time and I thought that I would dread coming home after the three weeks ended...especially after seeing that home was receiving a massive snow storm and I would probably have to put my new cute Italian sandals back in the closet for the next eight months...

The awesome thing about living in Banff is that really, it is never hard coming home.  I'm always so happy to see the mountains that any dread of the holiday being over is pushed away by my excitement!   I've said this a million times; I am so lucky to live in Banff and have a National Park at my doorstep.  I recently had a few friends/family out for my wedding and I was so proud to take them around and show them some of the cool things I am able to do here (hiking, canoeing/kayaking, Eating& Drinking, etc).

Things I see daily in Banff National Park never cease to impress me and I urge everyone to come and visit Banff National Park at least once to experience its amazingness :)

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Blogger Unknown said...

A beautiful article and indeed you are very lucky to live in such an amzing place! Glad you know it!

November 29, 2012 at 4:53 PM  

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