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Friday, December 31, 2010

Packing for a Winter Trip to Banff

Winters in Banff can be unpredictable, making it difficult to know what to pack for your winter holiday. I think the most important thing would be to bring layers of clothing for you to wear, ensuring you are prepared for any type of weather that hits. If you wear a lot of layers when there is a day with a high of -25 degrees, it doesn't seem quite as cold. You'll need a base layer (thermal is best) and then a mid layer to keep you warm. Fleece jackets or thin sweaters work well for the mid-layer, I wear a thicker zip-up jacket. The last (and most important) thing? Your ski jacket and snow pants.

If planning on doing some outdoor activities, don't forget your sunscreen. I remember one of the first times I was skiing at Sunshine, I didn't wear any sun block and ended up with a horrible sunburn on my face. I seriously looked like a tomato!

Lip Balm is also a good idea; Banff is dryer than a lot of other areas and your body feels this. If you use a specific kind of body moisturizer, I would recommend bringing that as well.

You also need a good pair of winter boots. I understand wanting a cute pair of shoes for your holiday...but make sure whatever you bring keeps your feet warm and dry. And don't forget to bring extra socks as well!

If coming to Banff for a Ski Holiday and you are bringing your ski equipment with you, pack some clothes in the ski bag to save on space. And you can store your ski socks, gloves and hats in your ski boots. Make sure your goggles are kept in a safe spot.

My last suggestion? Make sure you have a fabulous time on your holiday :)

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